One of my biggest faults as a person is that I’m bad with directions. Back in the day before GPS, I used to take the route I knew over a new route that would make more sense, even if it added 15 minutes to my trip. When asked what highway I took, I blanked on the numbers. The biggest fear I have is someone asking me for directions, since I know I’ll lead them in the wrong direction.

Landmarks, however, are no problem. If you tell me to keep driving until I see a Rite-Aid on the corner, I’ll have no issue getting to where I need to be. It took me until I was older to realize that this isn’t necessarily a fault. I just process information differently from other people.

Why use visuals in your presentation?

When you have a meeting, you need to realize that everyone involved absorbs data differently. Some people thrive when it comes to numbers and stats. But for others, like myself, a visual image helps things stick. Here are some other reasons why it’s smart to use visuals in your next presentation.

Visual aids show that you understand the topic

Words are easy to cut and paste — especially for a small in-house presentation that’s only accessible by a select team. When you use visual aids, you’re giving examples that go beyond what your group can easily find online. The best presentations are those where you, yourself, are immersed in the topic. The more care and detail you put into your presentation, the more confident you’ll look to your team.

Visuals are great for remote workers

There’s a reason why emojis are so popular. They’re an easy way to get a feeling across, and people around the world are able to identify a smile or frown. It’s also great to use images instead of just text for new team members who aren’t all that familiar with the company’s jargon and mission. When you’ve been with a business for a long time, certain lingo becomes second nature. For a newcomer, it may be a little overwhelming. Pictures, however, are perfect.

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Visual aids can also show your sense of humor

Visuals set the tone. So if you want your creative project to be fun and lighthearted, you need to present it that way. These days, it’s important to intertwine humor in business. Just think about how fast food brands like Wendy’s and Burger King have been conquering social media, especially Twitter. It’s because they can be really funny. And usually, when something makes people laugh, it’s shared and publicized. Long gone are the days of stiff, uncomfortable meetings that are more like lectures. Today, people appreciate cat gifs in their Powerpoint presentations, and dog photos to help make things more fun.

Visuals can help coworkers bond

Years ago, I helped make an organizational spreadsheet for one of the commercial salespeople in my office. I spiced it up with funny photos. In return, the salesperson added photos and memes of his own. It was a document that both of us actually made a point to look at, since we found a fun way to collaborate while also sharing important information. Years later, I still remember that spreadsheet. And I’ve forgotten the other ones I happened to make during my years at the office.

You can get to know your team better with fun images. They might even spark up a conversation that you never would have had otherwise. As long as something isn’t racy or inappropriate, they’re wonderful ways to add more pizzazz to anything. Companies like Vibe who offer an interactive whiteboarding experience definitely know how one cute dog photo can uplift anyone’s spirits.

Looking for a great way to connect your employees and create a presentation that sticks out from the rest? Add visual images. Give it a shot and see if it makes your coworkers pay more attention. Who knows? Perhaps an employee who normally stays quiet will open up since they’ll be able to process the information better than before.

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